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1.        If each resistance in the given circuit is 1 ohm, then effective resistance between point A and B will be-

a. 0.5 ohm             

b. 1 ohm

c. 8 ohm                

d. 12 ohm




2.        According to debroglies equation wavelength associated with the charged particle is-

a. l=nh/2p                                              b. l=nh/4p

c. l=2ME                                               d. l= h/√2ME


3.        A wire AOB is placed perpendicular to magnetic field shown by dotted lines. If another wire PQ slides from top to bottom parallel to magnetic field, then the graph for the change in e.m.f will be is as follows-










4.         When beam of light falls on oil droplet following phenomenon is observed-

a. Refraction                                          b. Reflection

c. Interference                                       d. Diffraction


5.        Resolution of electron microscope is better then compound microscope because-

a.        Wavelength used is very small

b.       Power of lens is very high

c.        Specimen is very thin

d.       Frequency of light is very small


6.        The electronic configuration of Atom ‘A’ is 1S22S22P63S2 and atom ‘B’ is 1S22S22P1. Their molecular formula will be-

a. A3B2                                   b. A2B2  

c. A2B3                                   d. AB


7.        Among the following which oxides are not found-

a.        Fe2O3, BaO, CaO

b.       FeO, BaO2, Mn3O2

c.        Co2, CO, O3                   D. CO3, MnO4


8.        Among the following which atom do not form any molecules

a. Argon                                                                b. Krypton

c. Uranium                                             d. Helium


9.        What would be the mass of air in a room of size of 6 X 11 X 4 at normal temperature and pressure

a. 3.4 kg                                                  b. 34 kg

c. 17 kg                                                   d. 340 kg


10.     Energy of H atom in ground state is -13.6 eV, its first excitation state energy will be-

a. -3.4 eV                                                b. -2.8eV

c. -10.2eV                                               d. -13.6 eV


11.     If the amount of ice at poles is doubled, then according to energy conservatives the length of day will-

a. Increase                                             b. Decrease

c. No effect                                            d. Unpredictable


12.     If earth would not have been not inclines 23 ½ on its axis, then there would be-

a.        Lesser rainfalls

b.       Hotter summers and cooler winters

c.        Length of day increase in northern hemisphere

d.       No seasonal rainfalls


13.     If the mean temperature of earth would have been increased from 20 to 25 oC, then the rate of radiation from earth will be-

a.              b.

c.              d.


14.     Main cause of scarcity of water in India-

a.        Lack of sufficient rainfall

b.       Most of water runs to oceans

c.        Soil don’t percolates the water

d.       Due to green house effect

15.     The fossils are generally seen in-

a.        Metamorphic rocks

b.       Igneous rocks

c.        Sedimentary rocks

d.       Ocean beds


16.                 If an Mendelian cross between pure tall and pure dwarf yield all tall plants in F1 generation while in F2 generation the ratio of tall to dwarf plant is 75:5. The number of genes involved for plant height are-

a. one                                                     b. two

c. Three                                                  d. Many


17.                 There are 64 codons for 20 amino acids it means-

a.        Most of codon do not code for any amino acid

b.       Most of codon are involved in other types of amino acids

c.        One amino acid can be coded by more then one codon

d.       One codon can code for more then one amino acid


18.                 During replication process in bacteria-

a.        One bacteria possess parental DNA while another possess new copy

b.       Both bacteria possess new copy

c.        Half of the DNA in both bacteria is parental while another half is newly synthesized

d.       Both bacteria possess only parental DNA


19.                 Which of the following macromolecule denaturates at 65 oC

a. Lipids                                                 b. Carbohydrates

c. Proteins                                             d. DNA


20.                 If bond energy between H-H is___, between N-H is ____, then overall enthalpy change during the reaction-

 N2+ 3H2                2NH3 will be

a.                                                                                b.

c.                                                     d.


21.                 if I AI=10

                   I B I=7

                It means that always

a. A U B ³10                          b. A U B =17

c. A Ç B ³10                         d. A Ç B ³ 7         


22.                 The equation x2+ 4xy+3y2= 7 will give a/an-

a. Straight line                       b. Eclipse

c. Parabola                             d. Hyperbola


23.                 If P is rational

                Q is irrational

Then sum of P+Q will always-

a. rational                               b. Irrational

c. Real number      d. Prime number


24.                 In the given figure the length BO will be

a.        12/5

b.       3/4

c.        5/3

d.       4/5






25.                 4x+6y =12

                6x+9y = C

a.        It has unique solution

b.       Have many solutions

c.        Have many solutions if C=15

d.       Have many solution if C ¹ 15


26.                 If an pendulum clock strikes 6 times at 6 O’ clock and takes 30 seconds. Then the time taken to strike 12 times at 12 O’ clock will be-

a. 60                                                        b. 54

c. 66                                                        d. 61


27.                 Given A=12, which  is followed by condition A³11 it means-

a.        A cannot be 12

b.       A is lesser then 11

c.        A must be 12

d.       A must be smaller or equal to 11


28.                  Among the following which is not an programming language-

a. BASIC                                b. UNIX

c. FORTRAN                        d. COBOL


29.                 Consider the truth table where ‘F’ stands for ‘false’ and ‘T’ for ‘true’; ‘V’ stands for ‘and’  and ‘A’ stands for ‘Or’









a. A=True              B=False

b. A=True       B=True

c. A=False             B=False

d. A=False             B=True



30.                 The output of the following program will be-

a. 9                                                          b. 45

c. 55                                                        d. 66




1.        The conversion of glucose from fats in plants takes place in-

    a. Lysosome                      b. Plastids             

    c. Glyoxisomes                  d. Peroxisomes


2.        Mannose-6-phosphate tagged protein are targeted to-

    a. Lysosome                      b. Plastids             

    c. Golgi complex               d. Nucleus


3.        Cancer cells secretes chemicals for angiogenesis whose target are-

    a. B-cells                            b. Platelets            

    c. RBC                                d. Endothelial cells


4.        Multidrug resistance in cancerous cell is due to-

a.        Efflux of drugs across membrane

b.       Influx of drugs across membrane

c.        Phosphorylation of CDKs

d.       Due to presence of P glycoprotein


5.        Among the following which correctly represents “gain of function”-

a.        Binding of RNA polymerase to promoter

b.       Over-expression of any gene

c.        Presence of basal transcription sequences

d.       Expression at unpredictable time and unpredictable space

6.        T-helper cells can be marked on basis of-

    a.CD4                                                 b. CD8                   

   c. Phagocytotic activity  

   d. Membrane lipids


7.        Among the following which exerts its effect during ‘S’ phase in yeast-

    a. cdc1                                                b. cdc2                  

    c. cdc3                                                d. cdc28


8.        Dosage compensation in drosophila is achieved by-

a.        Selective elimination of  maternal X chromosome

b.       Heterochromatization of paternal X chromosome

c.        Hyperactivation of maternal X chromosome

d.       Hyperactivation of paternal X chromosome


9.        Chromosomes of yeast and protozoa are best studied by-

a. Visible Microscopy                        

b. Electron microscopy

c. PAGE                                

d. Pulse field gel electrophoresis


10.     Systemic Lupus Erytheromatosus (SLE) is an-

a. Metabolic disorder                         

b. genetic disorder

c. Autoimmune disorder    

d. Vitamin disorder


11.     In India maximum biodiversity is seen at-

a.        Eastern and western Himalayas

b.       Eastern Himalayas and western Ghats

c.        Eastern and Western Ghats

d.       Eastern Himalayas and Andaman and Nicobar Islands


12.     Among the following which amino acid can act as buffer against addition of acid-

a. Glycine                                               b. Histidine           

c. Arginine                                            d. Phenylalanine


13.     Which bond is can not be observed between enzyme and substrate-

a. ionic covalent bond         b. Hydrogen bond

c. Peptide bond    d. ionic bond


14.     Lipids which ranges from 120-160 kD in size. Then also they are kept amongst the macromolecules because-

a.        They are main component of membrane

b.       They are main component of cell

c.        In water they form large complex structures

d.       They are present in large amount

15.     Consider the following redox reaction of glycolysis

                Pyruvate + 2e-à lactate

                NADH2 à NAD+ + 2H+ + 2e-

    The correct statement is-

a.        The electron are readily picked up by NAD from pyruvate

b.       NADH2 provide electrons to pyruvate for oxidation

c.        Both reaction are independent

d.       NADH2  is not formed during glycolysis


16.     Which statement is FALSE about glycolysis-

a.        NADHis formed

b.       FADH2 is formed

c.        Electron are transferred from glucose to Pyruvate

d.       Pyruvic acid is formed at last step


17.     The role of carrier proteins in light reaction is-

a.        To transfer energetic electrons from PSII to PSI.

b.       Pumping of Protons

c.        Formation of ATP

d.       Transferring of high energy electrons from PSI to PSII


18.     Among the following which mineral plays an important role in photolysis of water-

    a. Mg++                                                              b. Ca++                   

    c. Na+                                                 d. Mn++


19.     Chlrosis in young leaves is generally due to deficiency of-

    a. Mg++                                                      b. Ca++                   

    c. Na+                                                 d. Mn++


20.     Which statement is correct if we compare a protein and its DNA for phylogenetic studies-

a.        DNA and protein have similar differences

b.       Proteins are more similar then DNA

c.        DNA is more similar then the protein sequences

d.       Differences in DNA and protein do not have any similarity


21.     Which is one of the major step during programmed cell death in plants-

a. Systemic acquired resistance        

b. Hypersensitivity

c. Cell lysis                                                           

d. Cell necrosis


22.     Which plant growth regulator is involved in activating α-amylase activity in germinating seeds-

a. Auxin                                                 b. Cytokinin         

c. Gibberlic acid                        d. Brassicosteroids



23.     The hormone secreted by developing placenta is-

a. Choronic gonadotropin                  b. Estrogen

c. Relaxin                                               d. ADH


24.     The given structure is of –







    a. Thyroxine                      b. Calcitonin

    c. Parathormone               d. Aldosteroids


25.     Arrange the following according to increasing order of concentrated urine-

a.        Beever<Human<Sand Rat

b.       Human<Beever<Sand Rat

c.        Sand Rat<Beever<Human

d.       Beever<Sand Rat <Human


26.     If we compare the respiration in amphibian and mammals we will find that-

a.        Positive pressure in both amphibian and mammals

b.       Negative pressure in both amphibian and mammals

c.        Positive pressure in amphibian and Negative in mammals

d.       Negative pressure in amphibian and Positive in mammals


27.     Athletes are usually trained at high altitudes because-

a.        To increase the number of RBC

b.       To form modified haemoglobin

c.        To increase number of WBC

d.       To increase the amount of proteins


28.     Which statement is FALSE about animal hormones-

a.        They are secreted by many specialized cells

b.       They can influence through humoral root

c.        They can bind to variety of receptors

d.       They are required in large amount to elicit their response


29.     Among the following which muscle protein as affinity to bind with Ca++ ions-

    a. Troposmyosin              b. Troponin          

    c. Actin                              d. Myosin 


30.     If 10 ml of 540 dpm of Cr was injected in a person and 1 ml of blood was withdrawn after 10 minutes, it was found that it contains 40 dpm of Cr, it means the total volume of blood in that person will be-

    a. 5.4 lt                                                b. 6.0 lt  

    c. 6.2 lt                                                d. 6.4 lt


31.     Among the following which is probable cause of unequal results during the reciprocal crosses-

a. X-linked inheritance       

b. polygenic inheritance

c. Mendelian Inheritance                    d. Epitasis


32.     The maps based on recombination frequency are termed as-

a. Genetic Map                     b. Linkage map    

c. Physical Map                    d. Cytogenetic Map


33.     The minimum number of genes in an autonomous replicating organism is

a. 50-100                 b. 300-400

c. 1000-1500                           d. 4000-5000


34.     If bacteria possess two copies of certain genes then they are referred as-

a. Amphidiploid                    b. Merodiploid

c. Euploid                              d. Polyploid


35.     HIV are kept under category of retero-viruses because-

a.        RNA is genetic Material

b.       RNA directly form m-RNA

c.        RNA is used as template for DNA synthesis

d.       DNA is not present at any stage of life cycle


36.     If substitution is the only possible type of mutation, then which technique would be no more useful

a. Allignment                        b. PCR amplification           

c. Database searching

d. Restriction fragment analysis


37.     Number of linkage group in human male is-

    a. 22                                    b. 23                       

    c. 24                                    d. 46


38.     If observed number of recombinant are more (or less) the what is expected from Mendelian crosses, the probable cause is-

a. Linkage equilibrium        

b. Linkage disequilibrium

c. Epitasis              d. Polygenic Inheritance


39.      The PAGE profile of certain protein associated with klinefelter syndrome is as follows, it means the non-disjuction of chromosome was in-













    a.  Maternal                                       b. Paternal

    c. Maternal and Paternal

    d. Cannot be predicted


40.     Among the following the living fossil is-

    a. Ginkgo biloba               b. Taxus bacata

    c. Psilotum                         d. Nepenthes


41.     Inter-specific somatic hybridization are often followed by-

a.        Fusion of paternal chromosome

b.       Fragmentation of Paternal chromosomes

c.        Selective elimination of one of parental chromosome

d.       Fusion of nuclei


42.     If E. coli are grown on lactose free medium for 20 generations under presence of constant mutagen which produces the lac- mutants as well as lac- revertant in equal amount. At the end it will be observed that

a.        Equal number of Lac-  and Lac revertant

b.       More number of  Lac revertant at the end

c.        More number of Lac-  at the end of experiment

d.       Cannot be predicted


43.      Selection which operates against any direction and donot allow to disrupt the present mean is termed as-

a. Directional                         b. Stabilizing

c. Disruptive                         d. Balancing


44.     In a population obeying Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency of recessive allele is 0.88, while of dominant allele us 0.12. The frequency of heterozygotes in population will be-

    a. 11.1 %                            b. 21.1%

    c. 79.9 %                            d. 14.4%


45.     After implication of Green Air Act in England which species become virtually absent-

a.        Biston betularia carbonifera

b.       Biston betularia typica

c.        Drosophila

d.       Apes Americana


46.     If an allele is linked to the second allele at other locus which is favorably selected are inherited together. Such an movement of an allele without any evolutionary benefit to next generation is termed as-

a. Selective drive                  b. Evolutionary drive

c. Hitch hiking                      d. Linkage


47.     Random change of gene frequency in a population is termed as-

a. Genetic drift                      b. Gene flow

c. Mutation                           d. Evolution


48.     The morphological modification is transferred to next generation without any present application  which may prove beneficial in changed environment is termed as –

a. Exadaptation                     b. Pre-adaptation

c. Analogous                        d. Paralogous


49.     The changes in prey brings changes in predator and vice-versa. Such an evolution due to competition for existence is termed as-

    a. Converging evolution

    b. Diverging Evolution

    c. Co-evolution                

    d. Parallel Evolution


50.     The anti-cancerous drug vincristine is obtained from-

a. Catharanthus                                    b. Taxus

c. Raulofia                                             d. Cinchona


51.     In comparison to aquatic ecosystem, in terrestrial ecosystem autotrophs expends their most of energy in production of material which are indigestible by heterotrophs because-

a.  Autotroph diversity is high in terrestrial ecosystems

b. Autotroph diversity is high in aquatic ecosystems

c.  Heterotroph diversity is high in terrestrial ecosystems

d. Energy takes a longer period to pass from autotroph to top consumer in terrestrial ecosystem


52.     On application of certain pesticide it was observed that the population of pests increased. The probable cause would have been-

a.  Development of resistance

b. Pesticide is ineffective

c.  Pesticide is not used properly

d. Pesticide has removed natural biological control


53.     The mean temperature and rainfall in Taiga is-

a.  -5 to 10 and 50 to 100 mm

b.  -5 to 10 and 150 to 200 mm

c.   5 to 15 and 50 to 100 mm

d.  5 to 15 and 150 to 200 mm


54.     Which graph best explains the relation between the body size of an organism and intrinsic rate of growth ‘r’-

a.                             b.



    c.                                         d.




55.     Among the following which is logistic equation-









a. A                         b. B                        

c. C                         d. D


56.     If rate of mortality and natality become constant in each age group. Then the result would be-

a.        Number of childrens increase

b.       Number of older one will increase

c.        Number of individuals in repd stage will increase

d.       The increase or decrease within any cohort will become independent


57.     What would happen if we release the high BOD water into fresh lake-

a. Opacity will decrease     

b. Number of organism will decrease

c. Amount of dissolved oxygen will decrease

d. No effect


58.     Which sporulating bacteria also possess the phenomenon of social behavior and communication-

a. Actinomycetes                 b. Bacillus             

c. Cyanobacteria  d. Archaebacteria


59.     During succession the bare rock is first  colonized by-

a. Algae                 b. Bacteria            

c. Fungi                  d. Lichens


60.     Which graph correct represent that certain minimum time duration and minimum stimulus (intensity) is required for stimulus-

a.             b.




c.                                             d.



61.     The bird biodiversity in India  is-

    a. 50                                    b. 1200   

    c. 3200                                d. 5200


62.     The dendrogram in numerical taxonomy represents-

    a. Phylogenetic relationship          

    b. Evolutionary relationship

    c. All observable characters          

    d. Few characters


63.     Among the following which has permanent status and is governed by central legislation-

    a. National park                b. Wild sanctuary

    c. Forests                           d. Sport gardens


64.     The phenomenon of bioluminescence is observed in-

    a. Dinoflagelletes             b. Copypods        

    c. Cyanobacteria              d. Archie bacteria


65.     Silicon is essential requirement for-

    a. Diatoms                         b. Fungi

    c. Algae                             d. Cyanobacteria


66.     Ernst Meyer is known for

a.        Taxonomic classification

b.       Biological species concept

c.        Five kingdom classification

d.       Evolutionary history


67.     Maximum productivity is observed at-

    a. Corals                             b. Mangroves      

    c. Oceans                           d. Lakes


68.     If α-diversity is diversity of pathogen per host and β-diversity is diversity of pathogen between the two host and g-diversity is overall diversity. If g-diversity is constant and α-diversity increases then-

a.        β-diversity will also increase

b.       β-diversity will decrease

c.        Both β and g-diversity will increase

d.       Both β and g-diversity will decrease

69.     Which is Incorrect statement both for Deer and Antelope-

a.        Both are gregarious

b.       Male and female both have antlers

c.        There is female heirchy

d.       Live in social unions


70.     Which is best technique to separate the two loci on chromosome-

a. C- banding                        b. G-banding        

c. Gel electrophoresis          d. Chromatography