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Books to Refer

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IFAS library - A treasure trove.


The library at IFAS is a treasure trove of knowledge, which houses a vast and comprehensive collection of books in all the respective and relevant subjects. The books are made available as and when required by the student, as per the rules and regulations of the library.


List of some books which are available in library and must be referred by students are-


Books recommended for the following topics are:


               Cell Biology                          

                                                             Alberts Brey                           Reece & Kish

                                                             Sheeler                                    De Robertis


               Biochemistry & Physiology


                                              Voet and Voet               Metzer

                                                              Lehninger,                      Stryer,

                                              Zubey,                           U. Satyanarayan,

                                              J.L Jain                         Taiz and Zeiger

                                              Hopkins                        Buchanan


               Molecular Biology and Biotechnology    


                                                             T A Brown                               Old and Primrose

                                                             Benjamin Levin                      Watson Baker



                                                             Pierce                                      Cummings

                                                             Pnustad Simmons                Gardner

                                                             Miglani                                     B D Singh


               Ecology & Evolution

                                                             Odum                                       Smith

                                                             Karumnumundy                     PD Sharma



               Microbiology                      Tortora, Funke,Chase          Prescott

                                                             Black                                       Taloro Taloro               


               Instrumentation                Wilson walker


               Immunology                       Kubey                                      Coico, Sunshine


               General Books                  CBSE XI and XII Biology

                                                             CBSE XI and XII Biotechnology

                                                             Biology: Campbell

                                                             Biology: Helena Curtis

                                                             Biology: Raven